Pricing Pricing

Each job needs separate pricing as it depends on a number of factors.

Translation pricing

Price of translation depends on the number of pages. One page has 300 words regardless of the number of physical pages the text covers. Price is determined by the word count in the source text. If the text is delivered in an non-editable format and words cannot be counted automatically, the word count in the translated text is taken into account.

Price per page depends on:

  • degree of difficulty (translation of a specialised text i 2-3 times more time consuming than general text, thus more expensive)
  • translation direction (translation to my foreign language is more time consuming, thus more expensive.)
  • the time available. The average translation speed is 5 pages a working day, which corresponds to fulltime job. Translation demanding working beyond that or during holidays, costs 50% more. One should be aware of that a translator usually works with more than one assignment at a time and one cannot expect the exclusive right to translator's working day.)
  • the file format. Translation from an non-editable document is more time consuming, thus more expensive.

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Interpreting pricing

Telephone/video interpreting is charged per hour.

On-site interpreting is charged per shift (four hours) or per day.

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